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How to Fix Galaxy S7/S7Edge Battery life Problems on Nougat 7.0.

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The eternal quest for longer battery life in smartphones continues on, as evermore efficient chips and bigger batteries are in a battle with new software, apps, features and big screens. You want your phone to do everything, but also do it for a very long time — and those things are at odds, especially if you don't want to be chasing around a wall outlet everywhere you go.

The Galaxy S7's 3000 mAh battery is bigger than last year's Galaxy S6 and offers really solid battery life, actually, but if you consistently find your GS7 coming up short at the end of the day we have a handful of tips for you to get the most out of what battery you have.

»1-Keep on the lookout for battery-hungry apps

As much as we wish that every app out there was written to be a great phone citizen and be cautious in its use of your phone's limited resources, this unfortunately isn't the case. If you have a bunch of apps installed and find your phone's battery is draining faster than you'd like, you can take a look in the phone's settings to try and diagnose what's going on.

👉How to :

Head into the phone's settings, tap Battery and then Battery usage. This isn't a definitive list of apps that are using up your battery, and of course if you actually use an app a lot it'll show up, but the battery usage screen can point out if something is chewing up your battery without your knowledge. If you find an app that's consistently misbehaving, consider uninstalling it.

»2- Check out 'App power saving' settings

Even if you identify and remove power-hungry apps from your phone, there are plenty of other apps you want to keep around but are still unnecessarily running in the background. The best way to handle this is in the Galaxy S7's "App power saving" settings, which can be found inside the Battery area of your phone's settings.

With App power saving turned on, your phone will restrict the ability of apps to run in the background if you haven't used them in more than five days. For example, if you haven't opened up the Foursquare app in five days, it won't be able to run rampant in the background because you've expressed that you aren't interested in having it running all the time. The app will still work when you open it up and that'll reset the counter for it to be optimized again.

👉How to :

In the settings you can define on an app-by-app basis what the settings will be, if you wish — the default will have the app save power after five days of inactivity, but you can also set it to always save power or never save power. For example, you may want a travel utility like the American Airlines app to always be able to run for flight updates, even though you may not open it every five days.

»3- Uninstall or disable unused bloatware:

If you bought your Galaxy S7 from a carrier, chances are it's been loaded up with a good number of apps — call 'em "bloatware" if you wish — that you don't want. These apps can run and use up your battery, and even if you don't have one egregious culprit a handful of bad actors could add up to a meaningful impact on battery life.

👉How to :

So instead of just ignoring these pre-installed apps or hiding them in your launcher, go through and uninstall what you can and disable the rest. Head into your phone's settings, find Applications and then tap Application manager to get a list of apps. To find everything, tap More and then Show system apps.

»4- Make a few changes to your Display settings

The Galaxy S7 has an industry-leading display, and while it's actually really efficient it will still take up a large chunk of your battery over the course of the day. If you dive into your phone's display settings, you'll find a few different tweaks you can make that won't change the way your experience your phone while also saving a few percentage points on your battery.

*Screen brightness: Consider lowering your screen brightness just a tad. You can still keep automatic brightness checked for proper visibility in a variety of conditions, but moving the slider down a bit will drop the brightness in many situations.

*Screen timeout: The lower the better. Your screen isn't using power when it's off!

*Smart stay: This feature keeps the screen on when you're actively looking at it, which may help you cope with turning down your overall screen timeout setting.

*Always On Display: Depending on which AOD mode you use it use take too much battery, but if you can handle not having information on your otherwise "off" display, you can save a few percentage points by turning off AOD altogether.

»5- Use Power saving and Ultra power saving modes

Samsung has awesome built-in power saving modes on all of its recent phones, and they really work well. The one that most people will find useful is the standard "Power saving mode," while "Ultra power saving mode" remains as the absolute last-ditch toggle to use.

When you turn Power saving mode on, your phone will do a handful of things to eke out a handful of extra percentage points when your battery reserves are low. The Galaxy S7 will limit its performance, turn off vibration feedback and restrict location services to offer battery savings with minimal effect on your use of the phone. If you want to go a step further, tap the settings toggle to restrict all background data, which will keep apps from using data while they aren't open and in use. You can set Power saving mode to turn on automatically at 50, 20, 15 or 5% battery, or you can just toggle it on manually as you need.

Ultra power saving mode goes several steps further, switching your phone to the absolute bare minimum of performance and features in order to maximize limited battery resources. Your phone's display will switch to a greyscale mode, apps usage will be restricted, mobile data will turn off with the screen and extra radios are turned off. This is really designed for last resort situations, and should really only be used when keeping your phone alive is far more important than actually using your phone.

Hopefully like it.

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