Friday, March 3, 2017

Download Leaked Galaxy S8 Apps for your Samsung S7/S7Edge/S6/S6Edge

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And he're we are again. Just got few updates about Galaxy S8 Touchwiz Apps. Tested only on Touchwiz Nougat!.

Not so much difference between S8 and S6/S7 Nougat apps, anyway this thread will also be a placeholder for possible new functions inside next Flagship, once it will come out.

Install as a normal apk, I repeat that these apps only tested on Touchwiz Nougat, don't blame me if they're not working on MM.

As for the original lineup of apps that are to come to feature in the upcoming flagship, we’ll get to confirm that come March 29th at Samsung’s official launch ceremony. Things are looking on point for the Galaxy S8 with benchmark results revealing where the device stands. Rest assured, it definitely tops the list, so no worries there.

»S8 Music Player

»S8 Voice Recorder

»S8 Video Player

»S8 Translate

»S8 Sound Camp

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