Sunday, July 24, 2016

How to play Pokemon Go on Android by sitting at home without Moving Around

Pokemon Go Mania Pushes Nintendo to the Next Level,  only launched a few weeks ago, but players have already become so obsessed with the game that they will stop at nothing to catch a rare species. There have been reports of people traveling for miles, missing days of work .

The Pokemon Go Controls Xposed Module let’s you move around virtually on the map using cursor buttons on the screen, without the need of getting up from where you’re sitting (home, office, bathroom ..anywhere).

Check out this quick video here to see the module in action:

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• This Tutorial is only for Rooted Android Devices.

•Using tricks/hacks like this might get your Pokemon Go account banned. You’ll be responsible for this.

 Download Pokemon Go Controls Xposed Module (.apk)

How to play Pokemon Go on Android by sitting at home without Moving around [Root Required]

1- Install Xposed framework (v85) and Xposed Installer on your Android device.

2- Enable Developer options on your device.

3- Go to Developer options and enable Allow Mock Location.

4- Download/install Pokemon Go Controls Xposed Module from the download link above and activate it (might require reboot).

5- Open Pokemon Go Controls app/module.
└ For Android 6.0+ users, grant the app Location and Draw over other apps permission.

6- Press and hold on the map to set your location.

7- Press the play button to show on-screen controls.

8- Open Pokemon Go app, use the on-screen controls to move around.

That’s all.

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